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eng3Founded in 2002, Jodhpur Engineering College & Research Centre was established with the mission of quality, excellence and creativity. The bench mark of the institute is to produce engineers at the level of the IIT graduates for which purpose it has put appropriate infrastructure in place. The class-room teaching is supported by LCD/OH projectors and reinforced with on line learning Materials with a hard copy placed in the library. In a short period of Seven years it is now a name to reckon within and outside the state of Rajasthan. This has been achieved by sheer hard work, dedication, devotion and commitment of the faculty with environment of discipline, orderliness and timeliness.

Today we are E&T under the flagship of J.N.U. (Jodhpur National University), which is the first private university of Western Rajasthan. Founded in 2008, the university is only a year old but it shares a prestigious reputation and stand tall to provide quality education in the field of Engineering & Technology, Medical, Pharmacy, Computer Application etc. We have been working hard to excel in all the fields and lay mile stones. Previously we were affiliated with R.U. and R.T.U. and in consecutive years we have produced university toppers and have come-out with around 99% placements.

We continue the legacy.


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Computer Department 
The department is offering two important programs namely B. Tech and M. Tech. As the IT and the software industry are fast growing, all the programs are designed keeping in view the requirements of the present-day situation. Our programs aim at the understanding of the basics of computing to enable the students for competition in the current global situation.
Students are trained in Systems Designing, Application Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Computer Networks, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Database Administration, Parallel and Vector Processing, Data Mining and Warehousing, etc.

eng5Electronics and Communication Engineering 
Currently, the department is offering two important programs namely B. Tech and M. Tech. Our programs aim at the understanding of the basics of communication to enable the students for competition in the current global situation. The dept. is supported by various labs and softwares.

Electronics Lab. – I,02. Electronics Lab. – II,03. Digital Electronics Lab.,04. EMI Lab.,05. Digital Hardware Design Lab.,06. Microprocessor Lab.
07. Advance Microprocessor Lab.,08. Communication Lab.,09. Microwave Engineering Lab.,10. EED Lab.,11. Electronics Workshop,12. Antenna Lab.,13. Project Lab.,14. S-DAC Lab.15. Signal Processing Lab. – I & II,16. Computer Aided Design Lab,


  • All the labs are well equipped.
  • ORCAD Software for- PCB design & Simulation.
  • OHP/LCD projection systems are used in lecture classes.
  • Multisim Software for Circuit Design and Simulation – 10 User.
  • MAT LAB – 5 User Software signal processing. Digital Communication and Power Electronics Tool Boxes.
  • PCCAD – For Antenna Modeling & Simulation.

eng4Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has following well-equipped laboratories to meet the requirements of undergraduates and postgraduates courses.

1. Thermal Engg. Lab, 2. Production Engg. Lab, 3. Fluid Machines and Fluid Mechanics Lab, 4. Dynamics of Machine Lab., 5. Vibration Lab
6. Material Science Lab and Material Testing Lab,

Besides above, School of Mechanical Engg equipped with Departmental Library and Book Bank with 300 Titles of Text Books and reference books.
Currently, the department is offering two important programs namely B. Tech and M. Tech (Power Systems). The Dept. has following labs to add value to the course and give practical exposure to the students.

Electrical Department

1. Electrical Workshop, 2. Electrical Machine Lab, 3. Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab, 4. Power Electronics Lab, 5. High Voltage Lab
6. Computer Lab/Mat Lab, 7. Power System Lab

Information and Technology

Dept. of I.T. is dedicated to the cause of providing high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the students so as to make them capable to handle changing industry needs. The department is operating with an intake capacity of 60 students.

Department of Applied Science and Humanities Department of Chemistry


  • Chemistry lab has water and gas fittings.
  • Necessary equipment required for B.E. students and for ongoing research activities.
  • Existing Labs- Well equipped
  • Chemistry Lab.

Civil Department 

The department of Civil Engineering at Faculty of Engineering & Technology of Jodhpur National University (JNU) is having highly qualified teaching staff and is well established with laboratories of modern equipments. The field of engineering enables the students to learn Planning, Analysis, Design, Construction methods and maintenance of Buildings, Roads, Dams, and Bridges etc.

They are also taught on utilization of natural resources such as water, minerals along with environmental education, transportation and urban engineering.

Students are also given practical exposure through field visits to construction sites of framed structures, road construction, railway sidings, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant etc.

Also students are trained to use computer based tools for surveying, drawings.

The department offers following full-time programme as per the curriculum of Jodhpur National University:

  • B. Tech. Civil Engineering 4 Years (8 Semester)
  • M. Tech. Transportation Engineering 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • M. Tech. Structural Engineering 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • M. Tech. Environmental Engineering 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • M. Tech. Geotechnical engineering 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • Ph. D. Civil Engineering

Laboratory Facilities:-
The department has excellent laboratory facilities for conducting experimental work by both under graduate and post graduate students. The major laboratories as:-

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
  • Material Testing Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Surveying Laboratory
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Road Material Testing Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory

Laboratory Details:-

Name of Laboratory Name of Special Equipments
Road Material Testing laboratory Deval Abrasion Testing machine

Benkelman beam with dial gauge

Seybolt Viscometer’

Structural Engineering  laboratory Truss model apparatus.

Portal frame apparatus.

Three hinged arch apparatus.

Reciprocal theorem apparatus

Environmental Engineering  laboratory

Spectra photometer with micro processor single beam.

Flame photometer with microprocessor.

Multi parameter water testing kit portable.

High volume air and gas analyzer kit.

Concrete Testing laboratory Concrete Tensile Testing machine.

Concrete mixture.

Geotechnical Engineering  laboratory CBR apparatus

Swelling pressure Testing apparatus

Standard Penetration Test kit for SBC

Triaxial cell for shear test.

Survey laboratory Total stations

Auto Level


Nautical sextant

Material Testing laboratory Electronic UTM for compression & Tensile tests Izod & charpy test.

Educational tour for VII Semester students is being organized in the month of December when semester examination is over and is compulsory being part of curriculum.

Survey camp for V Semester students is being organized in the month of September- October and is compulsory being part of curriculum.

Career Opportunities:- 
The activities of civil engineers provide them with opportunities in a variety of locations from city centre’s to remote construction sites. Employment opportunities are available in various State & Central Government and Semi- Government Departments, viz. P. W. D., Irrigation, Environmental, Railways, Municipal or Local bodies, Corporation etc. and private sectors (like design, consultancy and construction firms). There is ample scope for self employment.

Physics Laboratory is well equipped for I BE Physics experiments prescribed in the syllabus. Laboratory provides student’s latest kits and various other instruments that are required by them for genuine laboratory verification of scientific theories. This helps them to have confidence that all the laws, rules and principles can be applied perfectly. Besides this, laboratory has a LASER kit which gives them the complete idea of the basic properties of LASER and holography.


  • Tutorial Sheets are given regularly and evaluated.
  • Lab. Manuals of all practical have been prepared and are available for the guidance of the students.
  • The students are required to present at least one seminar with lab.
  • Fabrication work is also carried out in Lab.
  • Department of Language, Humanities & Social Sciences


  • The Language & Communication lab is suitably equipped to facilitate teaching of the English language & communication techniques to students.
  • Audio cassette player
  • Cassettes on phonetic sounds- sourced from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.
  • T.V.
  • V.C.D. player with CDs of English movies.
  • Lecture with mike facilities for presentations.
  • Linguaphone 21 sets to learn everyday spoken and conversational English.
  • Linguaphone Business English set. with reading / study material, cassettes and mini-lab- machines.

Existing Labs – Well equipped

  • Language Lab.
  • Project and Assignments on developing linguistic skills, vocabulary and communication techniques are continuously given to students & presentations and group discussions on interesting and current topics are done regularly.

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 3 B.Tech 1st Year – 2015


2 B.Tech Chemical Engineering


3 B.Tech Civil Engineering


4 B.Tech Computer Science


5 B.Tech Electrical Engineering


6 B.Tech Electronics Communication


7. B.Tech Information Technology


8. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


9. B.Tech + MBA

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1. M.Tech Civil Engineering
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2. M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering

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4. M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
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5. M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
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Syllabus Polytechnic

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1 Diploma Civil Engineering

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2 Diploma Computer Science And Engineering

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3 Diploma Electrical Engineering

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4 Diploma Electronics Engineering

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5 Diploma I Year (Common for All Branches of Engineering)

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6. Diploma Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering

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7. Diploma Mechanical Engineering

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