About Faculty

Applied science is the application of scientific knowledge transferred into a physical environment.

asFaculty of Applied Science, though still in its infancy has the motto of exploring unexplored scientific adventure through in depth research specially in the field of Environmental Sciences , Biotechnology and various streams of subjects related to science Faculty of Applied Sciences strives to be a centre of excellence for advanced studies in the various fields within its jurisdiction. Its teaching and research objectives endeavour:

1. To provide a scientific base for the proper understanding and appreciation of the applied sciences.
2. To impart training in order to equip the students in basic sciences , both undergraduate and postgraduate level, with knowledge which has application in future.

Courses and Syllabus

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1 B.Sc. PCM
2 B.Sc. CBZ
3 B.Sc. C.S.
4 B.Sc. I.T.
5 B.Sc.Bio-Technology
6 M.Sc.Botany
7 M.Sc.Mathamatics
8 M.Sc.Zoology
9 M.Sc.Chemistry
10 M.Sc.Computer Science
11 M.Sc.Information Technology
12 M.Sc.Physics